Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NFL Playoff Picks

I promised you more diversity, and now I'm gonna deliver. Today, I give you my way of picking the winners of sporting events. The premise is, a sports fan has the team he thinks is going to win a game and the team he wants to win. Sometimes they are the same team, sometimes they are not (this leads to hedging your bets by laying down money on a team you don't want to win). I got this idea a couple of weeks ago, and I wish I had done it for the wild-card weekend, but I did not. So, here is the first "who I want to win, and who I think will win". Most of the time it comes down to which team I hate the least.

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks
Who I want to win: That's easy: the Redskins. If you paid attention, you'd know that I'm pulling for the racist epithets to go all the way just so I can watch Clinton Portis play dress up. That, and I have a hard time pulling for a bald quarterback.

Who I think will win: The Seahawks will probably win seeing how they have the best running back in the NFL (yes, better than Southeast Jerome), and the 'Skins set the record for fewest yards in a playoff win.

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos
Who I want to win: Neither team. I'm hoping an avalanche buries the city of Denver this weekend, and the game gets cancelled, so the winner of the other AFC divisional game gets an automatic trip to the Super Bowl. I'm sick of the Patriots -- they beat my beloved Raiders in the tuck game. I hate the Broncos (and the Chiefs) because I'm a Raiders fan.

Who I think will win: The fucking Patriots. They always win these games. Even though Denver beat them earlier in the season. Even though Denver had a better regular season. Even though New England has a bunch of injured players. New England will still win.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts
Who I want to win: Colts, I guess. The Steelers busted up Carson Palmer's knee. They also knocked off the Bengals, which means no more Chad Johnson touchdown celebrations.

Who I think will win: The Colts have a better defense, a better offense, and home field advantage. They also have a Manning at quarterback, which means look out for the choke. That said, I still think the Colts will win.

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears
Who I want to win: I'm apathetic about this one. When in doubt, pull for the underdog. So , let's go Panthers. Besides, if the Bears win, the final score will be 5-3. At least if the Panthers win there's a chance that some points will be scored.

Who I think will win: The Bears are favored, but I think the Panthers will pull it out. The Bears have a great defense and no offense. The Panthers have a solid defense and an ok offense. Unless the Bears D puts up two scores, they ain't gonna win.

There they are, my picks. Let's see how I do.


At 9:38 PM, Blogger afarensis said...

Since I attended UT-Knoxville around the same time as Peyton I would like to leap to his defense...sigh, unfortunately I think you are right and it's not just Peyton, it's the whole dang school! Darn it!

At 7:06 AM, Anonymous shane said...

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