Sunday, January 15, 2006

Toni Tony Tone & A Tribute to Troy

We're all gonna rag on Peyton Manning for losing the game (or Mike Vanderjagt if you hate idiot kickers) -- Manning has never been able to win in college or the pros, providing solid evidence for the Ewing theory when Tee Martin won a national championship at Tennessee after Peyton graduated.

But I'm gonna be a total asshole and claim Tony Dungy should shoulder a lot of the blame. Sure, his son just died. And, yeah, the dude's a man of faith (whatever the hell that's worth). But Dungy's got a bit of Ewing theory going for him, seeing as how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won a Super Bowl the year after firing Dungy. Dungy deserves some props for turning the Bucs into winners and leading them to the playoffs, but he's gonna be remember as a guy who couldn't win it all.

The Dungy-Manning pairing may make it impossible for the Colts to ever make it to the Super Bowl. The Patriots seemed to be Manning's NFL version of the Florida Gators, but this year (following one of the best starts to season in NFL history) the Colts couldn't even win a single playoff game. It's another year and another flop in the playoffs for Dungy and Manning. I wonder if Dungy never bothered to come back to Indianapolis after his son died or if Peyton got injured while his offensive line could not protect him, would the Colts have fared better in the Playoffs?

So, let's stop treating Dungy like a sacred cow -- the dude's got more choke in him than Michelle Kwan. Yeah, I went there. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Oh, and my boy Troy was all over the place today. Even if he can't catch, the man can defend the pass better than any other safety out there. Don't let anyone cut those Samson locks; his hair is the secret to his power.


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