Sunday, January 15, 2006

More Sunday Afternoon NFL Blogging

Is this confusing for anyone else?

Adrian Peterson the Chicago Bear (left) and Adrian Peterson the Oklahoma Sooner (right).

One thing that comes with having a good season is increased TV coverage. I've seen a lot more of the Chicago Bears this year (and now in the playoffs), and I've become familiar with some of their players. When I heard that Adrian Peterson was their running back, I thought, "Wow, he wasn't at Oklahoma very long." It turns out there are two Adrian Petersons. In a couple of years, Adrian Peterson, the younger, will be starring in the NFL, only adding to the confusion.

At least the Jason/Jayson Williams had the decency to stand out by playing different positions. Additionally, only Jayson Williams was charged with manslaughter, only one of the Jason Williams has the motorcycle riding skills of Kellen Winslow Jr., and only one of the Jason Williams tokes with Randy Moss.


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