Thursday, October 13, 2005

Friday Random Ten (14 October 2005)

Back by Popular Demand Edition

Ok, maybe there was no demand, and maybe I'm not all that popular, but my entry on separation of church and state was linked to by Deadspin. In case you don't know, Deadspin is the single greatest sports news site that doesn't deal with actual sports news (this is another in a line of entries in which I plug irrelevant websites). For instance, check out their coverage of Manny Ramirez hanging out with some girls. Or look at what Bronson Arroyo was up to in a Northeastern dorm. They seem to have a lot of junk on Boston Red Sox players, but they don't call them the "idiots" for nothing. If you were a professional athlete, you'd be doing the same thing. If I was Kyle Orton, however, I would not be doing this.

An while I'm on the topic of sports, it turns out my university's women's basketball coach is a homophobe, and our beloved football coach has no problem with it. I wonder if the gay community will have a rooting interest for the maize and blue this weekend?

Before I forget that this is an evolution and genetics blog and not a site for sports gossip, here's this week's evolgen Friday Random Ten. I promise, no umpiring errors here.
  1. Screeching Weasel - Cool Kids
  2. Satanic Surfers - Killing Me
  3. Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars
  4. Rocket From the Crypt - Heart of a Rat
  5. Goldfinger - If Only
  6. My Chemical Romance - The Ghost of You
  7. Goldfinger - My Head
  8. Dropkick Murphys - Noble
  9. Tilt - Libel
  10. Pietasters - Time Won't Let Me


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Ranger of the West said...

That call at the end of the Angels game was b.s. But hopefully the Halos can bounce back.

At 5:00 PM, Blogger RPM said...

I have nothing against the umpire calling the ball in the dirt. The replay was inconclussive, but it did look like the catcher caught it. I bet Scioscia regrets pinch running for Molina, or not sticking his brother behind the plate (ie, keeping him at the DH).

My issue, and Scoscia's and Erstad's complaint, was that the umpire called Pierzynski out (with a hand motion) then allowed him to run to first. If he was out, the umpire should have yelled "Out!" If the ball was in the dirt, the umpire should not have signalled "out." The ump claims he was making his "third strike" signal, but it sure look like a "you're out" signal to me.

The lack of uniformity of signals in MLB amazes me (relative to the NBA, NFL, and NHL). I know what a travel signal looks like in the NBA, what a false start looks like in the NFL, and what a charging signal looks like in the NHL -- they're all the same, spin your fists in front of your chest like you're doing the Culpepper celebration (not the one on the yaught). Why doesn't MLB have uniform signals for strike, strike 3, and out for home plate umpires? There are other signals that are uniform (fair ball, foul ball, homerun, the check offs for strike swinging, and safe/out on the bases), it wouldn't be too difficult to get them to all use the same signals for everything. That's the big issue here, not instant replay or a bad call -- it's that we have no idea what the umpire called.


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