Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm busy doing science.

John Davison keeps commenting and wonders why no one will reply to him:
"I love this silence. It is living proof that we critics of the Darwinian fairy tale still are not allowed to exist by the iron fisted establishment. "
No, Dr. Davison, the reason for the silence is because some of us are too busy doing actual science, looking at actual data, and formulating testable hypotheses to reply to your trolling. Excuse me for not posting a formal rebuttal to your PEH, but I'd rather spend my time reading worthwhile literature on genome rearrangements by bright folks like Evan Eichler, Arcadi Navarro, and Monste Aguade. You can keep hanging out, some of us just don't really care to waste our time dealing with uninformed arguments.

Guess what every good biologist studying genome structure has in common? That's right, they include natural selection in their explanations of genome evolution and have data to support it. It's also interesting how legitimate evolutionary geneticists incorporate population structure, recombination, and molecular biology into their models of genome evolution. Integrating different fields of research into a constructive model makes for good science.

For anyone who has been disappointed by the light blogging over the last couple of weeks, expect more of the same for some time into the future. I'm busy doing science trying to contribute the accumulation of knowledge, which is more than I can say for some people.