Monday, June 06, 2005

Alabama in the Middle/I hate Netscape 8

I hate Netscape 8 . . . ok, I should have saved my post in Word before uploading it to Blogger.

Netscape crashed in the middle of me writing about another school board in Pennsylvania planning to add intelligent design (ID) to their curriculum (via Red State Rabble). Well, you should go read the article yourself and learn why, as James Carville said, Pennsylvania is "Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and Alabama in the middle."

Also included in the original post that I lost when Netscape 8 crashed:
  • This has happened before in Dover and the PA State Legislature.
  • Why won't Phil Skell shut up already?
  • Why did they interview a science instructor at Penn State when there are plenty of faculty studying evolution?
I'm honestly contemplating switching back from Netscape 8 to Netscape 7. The features in Netscape 7 were supperior to what Firefox, IE, or Netscape 8 offer. Why did they overhaul the Netscape browser (essentially building it around Firefox and IE), when they could have updated the far supperior Netscape 7 program?


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