Thursday, May 26, 2005

Just another theory.

You can call it laziness (or patting myself on the back), but I've posted a comment I made on Pharyngula a few months ago. Mostly, I'm doing it so that I have a copy of this clever retort (ok, that's definitely self-back-patting) on my own site.

The comment was in response to this Wing Nut Daily article by Joseph Farah. He tried to explain why he doesn't believe in evolution, so I came up with why I don't believe in gravity. It's just as timely now as it was in December given the persistent nagging of the ID community. Enjoy.

Why I believe in unaided human flight

I was stunned the other day when I asked gravity-believing listeners to my nationally syndicated radio show to call in and tell me why they believed.

"Just give me one reason why you accept the theory," I said. "Just give me the strongest argument. You don't have to give me mountains of evidence. Just tell me why I should accept it."

Not one physicist called in.

Meanwhile, the phone banks lit up with dozens of gravity skeptics.

Go figure. For more than 100 years, gravity has been taught as fact in government schools to generations of children, yet there is still widespread skepticism, if not cynicism, about the theory across the country.

But, because of political correctness and the fear of ostracism, most people are afraid to admit what they believe about our inability to fly without the aid of airplanes or other man-made devices. That's why I wrote my last column – "I believe in unaided human flight."

The reaction to it has been unprecedented. While I expected mostly negative fallout, most letters have been quite positive.

So, I decided to take this issue a step further. Since the physicists don't want to tell me why they believe in their theory, I figured I would explain why I believe in mine.

The primary reason I believe, of course, is because Comic Books tell me so. That's good enough for me, because I haven't found Comic Books to be wrong about anything else.

But what about the worldly evidence?

The physicists insist that unaided human flight is impossible due to the gravitation pull of the earth.

I don't believe that for a minute. I don't believe there is a shred of scientific evidence to suggest it. I am 100 percent certain that humans have been flying since the God created the earth 6000 years ago. In fact, I'm not at all sure that people still don’t fly today!

Think of all the world's legends about superheroes. Look at those images. What were those folks seeing? They were clearly seeing people flying. You can see them etched in cave drawings. You can see them in ancient literature. You can see them described in Comic Books. You can see them in virtually every culture in every corner of the world.

Did the human race have a collective common nightmare? Or did these people actually see unaided human flight? I believe they saw people flying – what we now call superheroes.

Furthermore, many of the flying people in various parts of the world lived right along every other human. How did that happen?

And what about the not-so-unusual sightings of contemporary unaided human flight? Some of them have actually been captured on film.

There are also countless contemporary sightings of what appear to be flying humans in Asia and Africa.

You know what I think? I think we've been sold a bill of goods about gravity. I don't believe that it grounds us to the earth. In fact, I’m not at all sure I couldn’t fly today if I wanted to.

Physicists have put the cart before the horse. They start out with a theory, then ignore all the facts that contradict the theory. Any observation that might call into question their assumptions is discounted, ridiculed and covered up. That's not science.

How could all the thousands of historical records of superheroes and other flying humans throughout mankind's time on earth be ignored? Let's admit it. At least some of these observations and records indicate humans could fly fairly recently – if not still fly today.

If I'm right about that – which I am – then the whole gravity house of cards comes tumbling down.

This is the evidence about which the physicists dare not speak.


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